Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Apple's Growing Antipathy for the Consumer

Those of you who know me understand that I am a strong warrior in the fight for open standards, and thus the fight against Apple. I just hate Apple's use of proprietary file formats, hardware, software, etc.

I am usually content to vent my frustrations with Apple verbally when I come upon some unsuspecting Apple-lover like an academic or artist (or, more recently, an iphone devotee).

But now my frustration has bubbled over, and I cannot contain myself on these pages. It seems that Apple has applied for, and the patent office has granted Apple a patent on snappy new ways to navigate touch screens such as flipping and pinching. See here for details.

Well, I've been flipping and pinching things for about 41 years now, so I fail to understand how that technology can be owned by Apple. The audacity of this project is simply stunning. Who do they think we are? I'd like to take Tim Cook and wring his neck. Steve Jobs would qualify for like treatment if he were not so ill.

This will continue to be in the news over the next several years as Apple tries to protect its "IP" through the courts, and thus to guarantee itself billions of dollars of profits (and, conversely, billions in excess cost to the consumer). If people only understood how much actions like this actually cost them, there would be more warriors on my side of this battle, and those ads on TV would not be considered quite so cute.

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