Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dudelar, what's up with the "lar"s?

What's with the "lar"s in my blog names?

Well, as you know teenagers have their own language. When I was in high school, a synonym for "awesome" or "terrific" was Luscious, for some reason. In addition to that, friends would often append a "lar" to the end of a name or moniker as a sign of affection, as in "hey dudelar, let's go get some steak and cheeses..."

When I got to college, people started calling me Finlar, as an example of the latter. Later, it transitioned to Finlarscious, as the two were combined. Finally, as usual, I was given the dimunutive formation of that name, and I became just Larscious.

Thus, the lars in my blogs. Actually, there's one more interesting aspect to that story, but you'll have to get that from me verbally late at night after a few beers.

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